About Us

Go Spanish Now is owned by the Soros family. Our director Enrique began this language institute adventure in 80's. His wife and himself began forming a small institute that taught Spanish and it was becoming a language of interest in the DMV area so it started off to a great start. Enrique was the instructor at the time and Erica the administrator. The sessions would take place in their residence or in cafes at first. Little by little the size of students began to expand. With the student expansion came more more possibility to expand the business itself. The company is now still run by the Soros family but it also is administered by a great team that only wants the institute to grow more and more.

Enrique Soros, Director and owner of Go Spanish Now, is a native Spanish speaker. He was born in Argentina.  His profound vocation for teaching led him to study Psychology and Education for four years in Germany. He organized Spanish courses for all levels teaching thousands of students. Enrique is not primarily a businessman, but his successful teaching system automatically developed into a business organization of the Spanish language with an international scope.

One of his secrets as a teacher and educator is not to consider his institution as a business; rather, he always sees it from the point of view of excellence in teaching. "The students come on their own, always through a recommendation", he affirms.  After a strict selection process, the teachers who are accepted to work for Spanish Now are personally trained by Enrique; this is a task he never delegates to others.

"Entertaining" and "adventure" are two basic words for Enrique's idea of teaching Spanish. When these are united into an intuitive system that motivates learning in a simple manner like children learn, with an advanced methodology, and with academic excellence, a revolutionary combination is produced that launches its students into social recognition and professional success with exceptional results.

Beginners Advanced Beginners Intermediate Advanced Superior



has very little knowledge or no prior knowledge of the language.


Beginners are introduced to the language by working on building vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation. (Some English is spoken to explain concepts)

Advanced Beginners


has basic knowledge of the language and can communicate in a very basic way.


Advanced Beginners begin to work on basic grammar rules, expanding their vocabulary, and conversation. (Class will be entirely in Spanish)



has a good amount of knowledge of the language and can communicate with some errors.


Intermediates work begin to work with verb tenses, continue to build their vocabulary, and conversation. (Class will be entirely in Spanish)



has proficient knowledge of the language and can communicate effectively and almost fluently.


Advanced students begin to work on understanding the of irregular verbs, accentuation, building vocabulary, and conversation. (Class will be entirely in Spanish)



has great knowledge of the language and can communicate fluently with few verb tense confusions.


Superior students work on perfecting their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and conversation.  (Class will be entirely in Spanish)