Sessions completely molded to your wants and needs. You may want to stress conversation or grammar.  Whatever you want, our great native Spanish speaker instructors will teach you in a fun and entertaining way. You are not required to get a package until after your first session.  

     It has an incredibly flexible rate and schedule, and great for all ages. Brainstorm with your instructor & plan your next few sessions aimed to improve your Spanish the way you want! We guarantee you will enjoy your first session and be motivated to continue taking lessons at your pace on your preferred days.

Incredible refund policy: You can receive a refund for any personal lesson you paid for and you didn't take. 
Please read here the refund policy for individual lessons.
The simple steps to take:​​​
    1. Register & Pay for your sessions.
    2. We'll contact you with your instructor so that you can start now!

Individual Sessions (ONLINE via Skype/Zoom)

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