People are used to being taught in person, but thanks to technological advancements, you are able to learn Spanish anywhere at any time, with no hassle or time restrictions.
Online classes are available either for an entire course or on an as-needed basis. You choose when what, and where. Online classes are entirely modeled to your needs. Isn't that great?
 Try your FREE 30 Minutes now! No commitment. No payment. No credit card.
 Just a great learning experience! Contact us now to learn more.

Incredible refund policy: You can receive a refund for any personal lesson you paid for and you didn't take. 
Please read here the refund policy for individual lessons.
We want to inform our students that as of March 1, 2022, we will update our prices for the private online course.
The steps you need to take after the 30-minute free session if you want to continue:
     1Register & pay for your sessions.
     2. Receive a confirmation email.
     3. Set up your class with your instructor and enjoy and learn a lot!

Online Skype Lessons  $32 / hr. or less

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