Refund policy 

    -All refund request will apply only under this circumstance, with no exceptions: If after attending the first class of the course, for any reason is decided not to continue with the studies, we will gladly give a FULL REFUND, if email notification of withdrawal is sent on the same day of the first class.

- Tuition is not transferable from one month or season to another month or season.  Being absent in class does not constitute withdrawal.

- If for some reason a course doesn’t start or has to be interrupted, the only responsibility of Go Spanish Now is to return the money of the tuition for the classes that have been paid and will not take place.

If I miss a class, can I make it up?

Individual instruction: If your child can’t make it at the planned day and hour, we’ll try to help you make up the lesson as an exception only in the case that the student, the instructor and Go Spanish Now (all three) can arrange a new schedule for the session at the same week for which it was set up, and provided you inform us about your impediment at least one day before the class should have taken place. 

Group classes: We are happy to offer you a make-up class, but we can do it only if there is space available in a similar class to the one your child is taking and within the period of your course. This is the only option to make up a class. No classes can be made up after the course has ended.

Summer fun: No make-up days are possible.

Inclement weather:  If we cancel a class or classes due to inclement weather, we’ll try to make it / them up, but we cannot guarantee it.

Authorizations and liabilities:

- I hereby grant permission for my child to attend Spanish classes at Go Spanish Now, Inc. I understand that I am responsible for my child’s insurance in case of any injury. Furthermore I understand that although safety precautions will be observed, the owner of Go Spanish Now and/or its employees and/or its contractors are not responsible for any personal property loss by my child and/or for any injury sustained in the program and/or on Go Spanish Now’s grounds.


- I hereby authorize any of the instructors and/or employees of Go Spanish Now to give consent for medical treatment to be administered to my child in case of a medical emergency.

- I give permission for the staff of Go Spanish Now to apply sunscreen (that I will provide) on my child/children, if we go to play in the nature.


- To the best of my knowledge, my child is not allergic to the sunscreen that I provide. I agree that Go Spanish Now, Inc. and its employees and/or teachers will not be liable for any damage or injury that my child may sustain as a result of applying sunscreen.

- I authorize Go Spanish Now to use my and my children’s name, voice, testimonial, photo and/or video in any type of promotional and/or internal material, press releases, and news stories about Go Spanish Now. I understand I can notify Go Spanish Now by email if this is unacceptable.

- I authorize Go Spanish Now to provide to my child with any snack, food or drink that is common for the institution. If there is food that is unacceptable for my child I will send Go Spanish Now an email explaining the restrictions.

Discounts codes: Discount tickets can be used only once and only by new students who never took lessons at our school, unless otherwise stated.