Q:How can I find the best Spanish school?

A: Very simple!

-       Look at the years of experience of the school.

-       Look for the school facilities, check the address (does it have a real address?). Can you actually go to the school, can you see it personally, or are classes only held at your place? Can you speak personally ' not only by phone ' with an assistant to find out about the program that is offered? Can you speak personally with the Director, can you meet with the Director?

-      Does the Director have a degree in Spanish? Is the Director an educator? (Please see: Our director)

-       Large institutions are too impersonal. You will enjoy your learning process if you attend a relatively small institution with a professional environment, which at the same time is absolutely personal. At Spanish Now you will experience a friendly environment; you may be surprised when Enrique, our Director, visits your class to talk to you or even to sing and play the guitar, charango and maracas with the students!! The best school is one that is not too big or too small. Look for professional seriousness as well as personal attention.

-       Look for a systematic schedule that continues throughout the years. That means continuity, planning and seriousness. Check the courses that are currently taught. Are courses available from beginners to the highest levels? Is there a schedule, or only the theory? Can you register immediately, or do you have to build a group?

-       Check the courses, levels and the schedules that the school offers. For example: Are there enough courses for beginners that you can choose?

-       Look for the institutions that trust the school and its students. (Please see: ABOUT US)


Q: How do I determine which class I should take?

A:  To determine the level in which you should enroll we will ask you to contact us by phone so we can evaluate your level of conversational Spanish.

Q: If we start one session, is it possible to switch to a different day if need be?

A: Once you have enrolled, it is possible to move up or down levels. Classes can also be made up as well, but only during the time period of the course.

Q: Do you stress conversation or grammar?

A: We stress conversation. Our classes are totally conversational, from the very beginning, but we teach the basics of the grammar at the same time –for example,  the conjugation of the main verbs -, so that you can learn Spanish correctly starting with the first class.

Q: How do I register for classes? Is there a personal way to do it?

A: We are against impersonal systems of registering and of contacting the student or school via automated excel forms on internet. If we have your phone number, we will contact you personally by phone, otherwise we will reply by email. You are very important to us. That is why you will feel that you are a very special person and that you are  the most important student Learning Spanish with professional friends is the best way you can become fluent at a fast pace.
You can register by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or by sending a check or money. Please, make checks or money orders payable to Spanish Now.

Q: Do you evaluate to determine a person’s level?

A: Since our classes are mainly conversational, we ask you to contact us by phone in order to determine your conversational skills. Then, we will suggest an appropriate level.

Q: Do you offer on-site instruction?

A: Spanish Now offers private instruction at the location of your choice for people who need to speak Spanish quickly and to learn it at their own pace and schedule.
If you are interested in scheduling tutoring sessions, just let us know when you would like to start.

Q:  When does the next session of classes begin?

A: We offer new courses every month. The new schedule is posted at: Schedule & Prices

Q: What is the class size?

A: All our classes are small, to give you the opportunity to really practice Spanish by speaking it!

Q: Can I enroll in a class that has already started?

A: Absolutely!  We will even suggest that you register as soon as possible, since this will be to your advantage.

Q: Where are the classes held?

A: We offer classes in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.
We also offer private lessons at the location of your choice.

Q: Is it difficult to learn Spanish?

A: It depends where you learn it. At Spanish Now, you might start learning the language because you made the commitment to learn it, but you will continue to attend our courses as a hobby, because you will love it. You will realize how much you are learning and that you are having a lot of fun!

Q: Why do you claim that your system is the best?

A: Our system is the best because we teach the language as if we were in a Spanish speaking country. We do not only teach 150 words per course, but from the beginning, we teach how to speak, how to combine those words, how to construct sentences in Spanish.  We teach how to think in Spanish!

Q: What kind of Spanish do you teach? Which kind of dialect?

A: In Spanish there is no dialect, but there are localisms, like in any other language, and there are slightly different ways to pronounce the words. At Spanish Now we teach only universal Spanish; that means, the Spanish that is spoken in all Spanish speaking countries, but without localisms. The Spanish you learn at Spanish Now is the official Spanish, and the common Spanish which is spoken everywhere.

Q: Do you ever have Special Promotions? 

A: Of course, Spanish Now is always having Special discounts for our students . We even give a free course once a year! You must always be attentive so you do not miss out.