Group courses

Our courses are comprised of 8 weeks. There is a session once a week, every week, for two hours. Regardless of the level you are in you will be in a course where at least 75% of the class is in Spanish from day 1!  Our courses in DC, and VA are held in public locations. We feel the environment is a great learning experience for students and helps them gain confidence in speaking Spanish in front of others. Some of our MD courses are held in our main office located in Bethesda, this is a classroom setting. The others are located in a public setting. When you least expect it Spanish will become second nature. Our instructors are all native Spanish speakers and will also be exposing you to some of the culture in Latin America.

The steps you need to take:
  1. Take a look at our course schedule.
  2. Decide the best day and time.*
  3. Register & Pay for our group course.*
  4. Receive a confirmation email and/or call from us!

*If you are unsure of your level you can contact us directly or complete the
registration form and ask for a call.

  • Affordable
  • Small groups
  • Conversational Spanish
  • Native speaking instructors
  • Fun
  • Missed classes
    eligible for make ups*
  • 16 total hours per course

*terms & conditions apply

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