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is Martín?

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Who is Martín?

Enrique, our director, has a son. His name is Martin. He was born trilingual. He has spoken Spanish, English and German practically since he was in his mother’s womb. Enrique motivated him constantly with games, songs, movies, even inviting native speaking friends to his home, so that Martin could speak all three languages as a native child.

What\'s next?

So, Enrique’s conclusion was something he knew: Martin loves  languages,  because he loves the system, the way he was exposed to them: Always having fun, always enjoying them, involved in their culture... But also realizing how important it is to speak a second language, a language that he will be able to use in his job and social life. That’s why Spanish is his first language in importance, after English, because Spanish is the second language spoken in the United States.

His choice

Martin’s answer to his father's question, whether he should learn Chinese or French as his fourth language was… BOTH! You can’t imagine  Enrique's joy, to hear this answer. Martin was open to face new challenges, because in his mind, a new language represents joy, fun, friends, an open mind, culture and a better professional future. Yes! He is also aware that speaking another language will improve his chances in his professional life.


About his fourth language, Martin started learning French. After some years, they saw that he was ready to jump to the next one. Enrique always says: One language at a time, until you speak it really well. In this case he made an exception. Martin is now cuatrilingual, he speaks English, Spanish, German and French, and he is happily learning Chinese and Italian. As an educator, Enrique motivates Martin to make good decisions. Enrique suggests, and it is always Martin who decides: “I want to do it.” This is part of the secret. Self determination.

Martin continues to practice all the languages he speaks. It’s essential to keep them active in his mind.

Regarding Spanish, besides speaking the language at home, Martin attends a Spanish school on Saturdays, which is on the same level as schools in countries where Spanish is the native language. While he is finishing fifth grade at the elementary school, he attends seventh grade at the Spanish school, because he has an outstanding knowledge of the language. He especially loves literature, history, science and math. He loves being challenged. He loves the adventure of continuously deepening his knowledge of the language. He is anxiously waiting for Saturday so he can take his essay about Los Griegos y los Romanos (The Greeks and the Romans)  to school. Or his story about Van Gogh, or the terror story La mano desaparecida, The vanished hand, that you may find below.

What is the secret?

As you may guess, it’s the approach with which a student learns.

A special relationship with the instructor, a special approach that touches your heart.

And self determination.

When you love something passionately, there are no limits for your imagination,
no limits for your life to be an adventure,
no limits for you to reach your goals.


by Martín Soros

The joy of summer.
The pool and the beach.
Oh! I’m all wet!

Playing with my friends
In the waves on the

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Lets Extend Life Together

by Martin Soros

Life is very short for lying down and resting.
Life is very short for thinking and imagining.
Life is very short for thinking on the past.
Life is very

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Life is Beautiful

by Martin Soros

When one is sad,
nothing will make you happy.
Wasting time crying,
one won’t think.
Life is very short,
there’s no time to cry.

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My Grandfather

by Martin Soros

Like a dolphin in the ocean,
like a whale in the sea,
there with his cheerfulness
my Grandpa’ll always be.

In my universe of problems,
ready with ideas, comes to solve

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I Am I

by Martin Soros

I am
I am content and happy
Like a dolphin. 

I am
A friend
Who has fun

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