Our Instructors


Anna is currently enrolled at NOVA to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Science. She also is a teacher in VA public schools.


Brenda is from Ecuador. She went to the University of Guayaquil and got her Bachelor's in Art. She is loved by the children and adult students at Go Spanish Now.


Colombian, hard working, dedicated and fun Spanish instructor. Enjoys outdoor activities and upbeat exercises.


Gigi is originally from Honduras and a native Spanish speaker with 7+ years of experience teaching/tutoring Spanish.


Gonzalo is Colombian. He worked as a University professor giving seminars on “Pedagogical Tools for the Human Development” and more.


Jose is from Spain with many years of experience in teaching and tutoring Spanish. He was a Spanish teacher at Syngeta Agro in Sevilla, and at Coag in Cadiz, Spain.


Is from Venezuela, and enjoys teaching about the beautiful cultures of South and Central America.


Is Colombian, young and high spirited. She is a wonderful instructor for our children's since she has a very upbeat charisma and the important characteristic, which is patience. 


Is from Argentina, a talented and passionate instructor that loves teaching his native language. He received a Bachelors degree in education in Universidad national de Tucuman.


Ruth is a faithful teacher of Go Spanish Now who trains students that want to speak Spanish fluently, in companies and at our classrooms.


Sandra studied at Superior National School for Teachers. She loves reading books.


Shahima works with Go Spanish Now for over ten years. She loves laughing and teaching Spanish online.


Is from Ecuador. She has a Bachelors in Business Administration and has worked in Ecuador with many companies, teaching employees about her field of work.