Online sessions

  • Flexible times
  • Schedule is made by student & instructor
  • NO MINIMUM required time per session
  • Comfort of your own home, office, or even restaurant.
  • No need to look for parking.
  • No walking required
  • No required book
  • Simple packages to choose from

Online Classes

Spanish is best taught in person, but if attending class in person is not practical for you, we offer lessons online. You can be located almost anywhere and still learn from our highly qualified, well-trained instructors.
Online classes are available either for an entire course, or on an as-needed basis. 

The class requirements:

Using your computer and the free program Skype, you can interact with your instructor online. We recommend that your computer has high-speed Internet connection and a Skype account. We offer Skype lessons with or without visual interaction as you prefer. There is no required book unless your instructor feels that you will get major benefits from practice outside of class. The book recommended by instructor will never be over $30 and will always be easy to find online or at any Barnes & Noble.


Your first 30 minute session is COMPLETELY FREE!

10 hours

A total of 10 hours of online lessons for ONLY $36 per hour!

20 hours

A total of 20 hours of online lessons for ONLY $34 per hour!

30 hours

A total of 30 hours of online lessons for ONLY $32 per hour!