Our Director

SEnrique Soros, Director and owner of Spanish Now, is a native Spanish speaker. He was born in Argentina.  His profound vocation for teaching led him to study Psychology and Education for four years in Germany. He organized Spanish courses for all levels teaching thousands of students. Enrique is not primarily a businessman, but his successful teaching system automatically developed into a business organization of the Spanish language with an international scope.


One of his secrets as a teacher and educator is not to consider his institution as a business; rather, he always sees it from the point of view of excellence in teaching. "The students come on their own, always through a recommendation", he affirms.  After a strict selection process, the teachers who are accepted to work for Spanish Now are personally trained by Enrique; this is a task he never delegates to others.


In many cases the Spanish that is used in the United States is contaminated by localisms; furthermore, many words are used with an Anglo connotation, which corrupts the language. These mistakes are made even by professionals and by first rate publications. This reality motivates well known institutions in the United States and Europe that aim for excellence in language to consult with our Director, Enrique Soros, as a language professional of scientific rigor.


But for the students, Enrique is an entertaining professor, who is systematic as well as flexible, who prepares and trains his teachers with academic excellence, and motivates his students to embark on the adventure of learning the Spanish language without reservation and in an entertaining manner. He travels twice a year to Latin America where he organizes educational and practical Spanish courses for his students from the United States.Trips: Coming soon


Ingrid receives her certificate from Enrique. At right, standing: the instructor Verny Varela, from Colombia.