Money back guarantee


If after your first class you decide not to continue with the course, for whatever reason, your course payment will be refunded and you will not be charged for the first class. You will need to send us an email, notifying us of withdrawal on the same day of the first class.


If you are not able to continue your lessons, be it: individual or group, we will keep your credit for remaining class for one whole year.

To cancel a class

For companies, organizations, individual classes and friends groups, students who miss a class must notify the instructor via e-mail or text, at least 24 hours in advance in order to reschedule. If you cancel a class with less than 24 hours notice, there are no refunds or the possibility to reschedule the class. (Exception — may apply accordingly). You can have your class the same week or just skip it and extend your course accordingly.

Missing a session in a group course

We are frequently asked these questions:
Is it worth it to start an 8 week course in a group if I am going to be on vacation two weeks?
What happens if I need to travel because of my job?
How about if I get a cold the day of the class and cannot attend?
Is there a way to avoid losing out on these classes and the money?

The answer is yes. If you cannot attend your class one or more weeks it's okay, many students miss some sessions. You can attend another class at a similar level instead. You will not be at the exact level, nor have the same homework, etc. in the second class, but the important thing is to keep practicing. Send an e-mail to lessons@gospanishnow.com so we can inform you of the dates and times available for your level.

All make-ups need to be done by the end of your course date. We do not transfer make-ups to future courses. There are no make up classes after your course has ended.

Individual session cancellations

Just as long as you cancel 24 hours prior to meeting your instructor you are able to schedule the make-up session. Please note, cancellations made after the 24 hour grace period are subject to be considered as class given. This is done in consideration to the instructors time. 

Holidays/Vacations/Sick days

Classes may be held on holidays if the instructor and student(s) agree. Otherwise, you may reschedule your class. If your instructor is going on vacation, classes may be rescheduled but chances are you will have a substitute teacher while your regular instructor is on vacation, sick, etc.

Change of instructor

We will make every attempt to keep the same instructor assigned to your group sessions, individual sessions, online sessions. However, sometimes for various reasons , we may need to assign a new instructor to you or your class. It's going to be okay this is a great thing for you in comprehension! Learning from different country instructors allows you to get used to the different accents and helps your comprehension even more!