Reaching out to the community

Since September 2017, GSN has been visiting libraries in Alexandria and pairing up with them in scheduling a free Spanish class monthly for our students who have a hard time following with a schedule. 

We are always happy to provide lessons to the community because we know there are many residents that want to learn but have a hard time finding the means to do so. Since learning a second, third or more languages is CRUCIAL to the survival in the work force we provide these lessons with hopes to not only grow the Spanish speaking community but give thanks to all our supporting students.

These lessons are free and are given once or sometimes twice a month in participating libraries. The schedule is below! We will be coming to libraries in D.C. in 2018!!


December 2017:
Burke Library in Alexandria- December 8 & December 20 2017 from 10:15 am to 12:00 pm
Please fill out our registration form to be put on the list of attendees. LIMITED seats available

For the form CLICK HERE!