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We know that translation is more than a transaction. It's a connection that bridges countries, cities, communities, and families. It's personal, and it's complex, that are expressed individually and respect diversity. That is why many people and companies trust us.

Our team of native-speaking translators can take any material and translate it into Spanish - English. With our translations, you can rest assured that your next project will meet and exceed international standards!

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About Maria Lucila:

M. Lucila Soros is a Technical-Scientific and Literary translator and editor. She studied at one of the most prestigious institutions of foreign language teaching, IES en Lenguas Vivas "Juan Ramón Fernández", and is an active member of AATI, the Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters. She dedicates herself to audiovisual, journalistic, and specialized (technical, scientific, and academic) translation, translation of resumes, editing and revision of texts, and content creation both in English and in Spanish for social media.
She is passionate about the spiritual world and personal growth for the obtention of results, mindfulness, and the law of attraction. She has been to India and there she took part in intensive practices that integrate body, mind, and soul, which she applies every day, both to her personal and professional life. She loves reading about how to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being and about how to enhance the quality of life by enhancing health. In her free time, she organizes meditation and body movement workshops to create a space where people can relax their mind and body. Also, she creates content for social media about lifestyle and how to enhance people's quality of life. She is currently working on her own E-BOOK on tips and a guide to a healthy lifestyle.

What we offer

- Literary translations (books, articles for magazines and newspapers)

- Specialized translations (technical, scientific, and academic)

- Software/website translations

- Resume translations

- Editing and proofreading services

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- Transcription of videos, DVDs, and tutorials

- Subtitling (movies, videos, and documentaries)

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- Editing and correction

- Linguistic consultancy

- Proofreading services

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- Content creation for social media  (instagram, linkedin, etc.) Both in English and in Spanish.

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Your sensitive and confidential information deserves absolute security. From intellectual property to health and personally identifiable information, you expect absolute security from your Language Service Provider. We do, too. 

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  • Stringent IT policy and procedures

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